The podcast about a life-long night owl...
transforming into a morning person.

Have you ever found yourself awake at all hours of the night, wrestling with your conscience (or a big bag of cheese puffs),
while you read about THOSE PEOPLE (successful 'types') who get up at the crack of dawn (as opposed to the crack of Noon),
and wonder, "HOW CAN I BE LIKE THEM?"
Well, you're not alone...

My name is Mylar.
And I 'was' a night owl

I made this podcast so that I'd have an audience to hold me accountable while I took my melatonin and continued getting up earlier. Then something happened that I didn't expect...

I started having super weird dreams

The melatonin I was taking was giving me the weirdest dreams. So I started recording them. Then, other people started sending me their dreams, and this whole thing became a.... a thing.If you have weird dreams, you should probably send them to me and I'll put them in my podcast is what I'm saying.If you download the Anchor app, you can send me a voice message!

My journey continues! I will continue to attempt to wake up earlier, to hit the gym, to make my bed, to meditate, and do ALL THE THINGS that I'm told super successful people do in the mornings... for reasons I have yet to understand.Take a listen on any of your favourite podcast places below! Listen to some bizarre dreams,
AND maybe learn a thing or two about how a night owl can actually become...

Of course I'm on social media.
I do the things.
I'm hip.

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